Global Lounge

The Global lounge represents NTU’s continuous effort towards shaping a sense of belonging among foreign scholars and students, deepening the international atmosphere on-campus and providing international visitors to NTU, with a home away from home. Meanwhile, it also endows local NTU students with the chance to consolidate their understanding of foreign cultures and broaden their international awareness. With the construction of the Global Lounge, we believe that both foreign and local students will have a place to rest, to chat, and to share; and by their frequent communication and interaction in the Global Lounge, vital elements such as, mutual respect and cross-cultural understandings will be improved. All in all, the Global Lounge aims at advocating an international vision and spirit at diverse levels, in every corner of the campus.

The Global Lounge means to be a venue for events with international dimensions and insights; therefore, student clubs, individuals and clubs are entitled and welcome to submit applications for holding relevant events here.

Student Management Board

The Student Activity Center is responsible for planning and designing the interiors of the Global Lounge as well as organizing events that take place here. The Student Management Board is supported in their work by student representatives from, NTU’s Cocktail Club, Coffee Club, Foreign Student Association, International Youth Club and International Student Information Service.