Language Exchange Programs Report
2009/03/21 International Week Opening Ceremony國際週開幕式
2009/05/25 Inaugural Coffee Hour

Language Exchange Programs

Program Overview

Global Lounge is proud to offer NTU students a space to conduct language exchange and an online application system to get you in touch with potential language exchange partners.

We believe that language exchange can achieve a greater sense of belonging for the foreign students, allow them to meet people who can help them adapt to the local environment, while at the same time provide an opportunity for local students to put their foreign language proficiency to use, and to broaden their international perspectives.

Applications are accepted via the Global Lounge website and we will endeavor to provide you with a list of exchange partners who fit the profile that you have requested.

Multi-cultural Events

2009/03/21 International Week Opening Ceremony國際週開幕式

Event Overview

On March 21st, the Office of International Affairs and the Office of Student Affairs jointly held the launching ceremony for the NTU Global Lounge and the opening ceremony for the 2009 International Week, to which NTU President Dr. Si-chen Lee, Assistant Director of the Embassy of India, Mr. Sharma were invited along with a list of foreign and domestic dignitaries.

As preludes to the ceremonies, foreign students and overseas Chinese students put on a fashion show wearing their national costumes, Global Lounge provided a guided tour for the visiting guests, and the International Week gave an introduction of its programmed activities. On that day, foreign students, overseas Chinese students, and local students of NTU experienced a rich and vibrant cultural exchange in the Global Lounge, and NTU’s efforts toward globalization took a giant leap forward!


臺灣大學學生事務處與國際事務處於 3月21日上週六舉辦NTU Global Lounge啟用典禮暨2009國際週開幕式,特邀請李嗣涔校長及印度大使館Assistant Director Mr. Sharma等校內外嘉賓共襄盛舉,在外籍生與僑生著各國服裝秀表演、Global Lounge導覽及國際週節目介紹等活動中揭開序幕,當天外籍生、僑生與本地生在此交誼廳中首度進行了一場豐富的文化交流,為校園國際化往前邁向一大步!

2009/05/25 Inaugural Coffee Hour Gallery

Event Overview

The First Global Lounge Coffee Hour was held on Monday on the 25th of May 2009. It was an opportunity for newcomers to experience the Global Lounge for them selves and learn about the many facilities and resources available in a relaxed atmosphere. Not to mention enjoy coffee provide by NTU’s coffee club.

Guests and newcomers had a firsthand look at the fully equipped lounge, which includes an exhibition area, the poster display area, and national flag cabinets area, where the cultural artifacts from different countries are displayed.

The main event was held in the central open area next to the international conference room and satellite TV wall where local students were able to interact with foreign students, and enjoy a lovely afternoon together

2009/06/01 Second Coffee Hour