User's Application Form

Regulations in Global Lounge

1. Activities that encourage racial, color, regional, religious, political, gender, socioeconomic discrimination/s among the people are prohibited.

2. Global Lounge opens from 8 am to 10 pm, in accordance with the opening hours of the NTU Student Activity Center, as well as the NTU holiday policies.

3. English is the major working language, while Chinese is complementary. Users are encouraged to use English when communicating each other or officers of Global lounge.

4. Global Lounge welcomes non-NTU visitors to events, but guests should be accompanied by a NTU staff or student.

5. Users must return materials after use manage their garbage and keep the place clean.

How to Reserve

1. Fill in the online application form and submit.

2. Complete a written User's Application Form and send it to Global Lounge.

(1) For events that make use of the open, exhibition and poster areas you will be requested to write an additional proposal.

(2) The activity held by NTU Clubs should be registered in Club Activities Information System and approved by NTU Extracurricular Activities Section.

(3) The proposal and a copy of approved activity application form should be sent together with the User's Application Form.

3. Final approval will only be given after you have completed a written User's Application Form and the necessary documents have been signed and stamped.

Before entrance of Global Lounge

To prepare a NTU student / Staff ID Card for Check.


1. Violating the general rules, especially not canceling the reservation before one week: The Applicant/Association is disqualified to use / reserve Global Lounge for one month.

2. Breaking properties of the Global Lounge: responsible person need to pay penalty equivalent with the damaged one.

Priorities of Activities

1. OIA & NTUOSA / official activity

2. Programs organized by the Global Lounge Board

3. International activities:

(1) Promoting culture exchanges

(2) Enhancing interaction between foreign and local students

(3) Welcoming international visitors

(4) Using foreign language

Specific Rules for Each Area

AreaMeeting RoomOpening area (incl. Kitchenette and TV Area)Poster AreaExhibition Area
Number of People Required>=5 people>=15 people  
Duration2 hrs each meeting   
Time of ReservationSame day reservation is accepted till 17:00 only when staff are on duty.1 week before3 days before1 week before
Other Requirements Proposal (no more than two pages)
Noteno re-booking in the same dayActivities must welcome all visitors